hCG néoplasique élevé non GTN

Type of TumorAuthorsAge (yr), GenderSerum ß-hCG (mIU/ml)
Lung carcinomaSagaster et al, 200130, female449
Yoshida et al, 200031, female12 238
Arano et al, 199472, femaleNA
Matsushima et al, 198074, female2 540
Hatch et al, 198024, female16
Manzi et al, 199531, female146
Snyder et al, 199542, female180
Snyder et al, 199549, female929
Nimi et al, 199273, male1 108
OsteosarcomaLeidinger et al, 200418, female717
Cervix carcinomaColeman et al, 200032, female40
Pancreatic carcinomaYoong et al, 200546, female150
LeiomyosarcomaMeredith et al, 198622, female7 550
Squamous cell carcinoma of maxillaScholl et al, 199747, male92.4
Colorectal cancersMashiach et al, 199547, female50
Hepatocellular cancerDahan and Kastell, 200244, femaleNA
Eccrine adenoca of vulvaFukuma et al, 198669, female800
MeningiomaRau et al, 200236, female15 992

“…Elevated serum and urinary β-hCG levels in healthy women should be investigated systematically to exclude an underlying malignant process and to avoid inappropriate surgical and medical intervention. Long-term follow-up is required as tumours may not become apparent for many months or years…”

2007. Demirtas et al. Ob Gyn Survey 62 (2007) 675-679;

2007. Palmieri et al. Gynecol Oncol 106 (2007) 35–43.

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