Pathologie des môles et des abortus

Type of moleGrossNuclear atypiaChorionic villiIHCDNA content
Partial molegrape-like clusters+/-large villi, villi with cisterns, villi with cytotrophoblastic inclusionsp57(KIP2) +veMaternal & paternal, tripoid
Complete mole"snowstorm"+/- ?yes, all abnormalp57(KIP2) -vePaternal, diploid
Choriocarcinomahaemorragic, necroticmarkednonebeta-hCG +ve?

EntityChorionic villi (outline)CisternsBlood vesselsNucleated RBCsp57 / Ki-67[2] staining ‡Ploidy
Complete molebizarre; often not ovoid; fissures/slit-like gapswell-developedcanalicular (thin walled) / few (???)rare-ve / ~70%diploid / tetraploid
Partial molejagged, still quasi ovoidpoorly developed / smallpresentcommon+ve / ~70%triploid
Hydropic abortussmoothpoorly developed / smallcommoncommon+ve / ~20%diploid

Modifié le 23/12/2023