Pathologie des PSN, EPS et GTN

EntityKey featureOther histologic features
Placental site nodule (PSN)paucicellular, hyaline materialno mitotic activity
Exaggerated placental site (EPS)abundant intermediate trophoblasts - between muscleno mitotic activity
Placental site trophoblastic tumour (PSTT)abundant cytoplasm - not clear, dyscohesive+/-multinucleation
Epithelioid trophoblastic tumour (ETT)nests of cells in hyaline stromaeosinophilic cytoplasm, central nucleus
Choriocarcinomapolygonal cells with clear cytoplasm (cytotrophoblasts)multinucleated cells with smudged nuclei (syncytiotrophoblasts), no chorionic villi

Placental site nodule (PSN)p16 -ve, MIB1 lowEPS, squamous carcinoma
Exaggerated placental site (EPS)MIB1 ~0%PSTT, PSN
Placental site trophoblastic tumour (PSTT)MIB1 high, p63 -ve, CD146 +veEPS, choriocarcinoma
Epithelioid trophoblastic tumour (ETT)MIB1 low, p63 +ve, CD146 -vesquamous carcinoma
ChoriocarcinomaßhCG +ve, p63 +veinvasive hydatidiform mole, PSTT

Modifié le 23/12/2023